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Compton, California, the city that gave birth to “gangsta” rap, has also given birth to a phenomenal and thriving young gospel rap group, Keno Camp. These die-hard believers found a way to fuse the word of God and hip-hop and use it as vehicle for urban evangelism. Members of the group include Mario “Escort” Herrera, Gabriel “GABE” Taylor, and Jesus “ Cheuy” Herrera. These men of God chose their name from the word Kenosis, a Greek term that means to be emptied. The heartbeat of their ministry flows from the idea of being emptied out as vessel to be used by God. Keno Camp’s philosophy is adapted from the book of Philippians 2:7. Their life’s purpose is not to be exalted, but rather to be humbled, as servants, and devote their lives in service of others, modeling their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Since the inception of the group, Keno Camp has been on fire touring throughout California, Texas, Colorado and Arizona. These performances serve nothing more than opportunities to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These performances have also allowed Keno Camp the privilege of sharing the stage with other Gospel Hip-Hop artist such as K-drama, R. Swift, Shacah, Gospel Gangstaz, Young Chosen and Priesthood.

Keno Camp has shown great progress as a Gospel Hip-Hop Group under the direction of B&B management. Moving forward, Keno Camp’s goal is to continue to evangelize through music in hopes that many souls are delivered from sin and find Christ as their personal Savior.


Agency: B&B Management

Phone: (562) 415-7950 (Bill) / (310) 464-7286 (Bookie)

Email: bandbmgmt1 "at"

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